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What if we told you there’s a simple tool that can instantly propel your contact center’s performance to new heights, boosting customer loyalty and driving business success?

Wondering what we’re talking about?

It’s Voice of Customer (VoC).

In an era where customer satisfaction is the bedrock of any thriving business, the use of Voice of Customer tools has emerged as a transformative strategy, capable of delivering remarkable results.

Recent data underscores the power of this tool – studies show that 85% of marketers prioritize customer satisfaction for company success, with 90% of businesses regularly using online surveys to collect customer feedback.

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The winds of change are blowing, urging businesses to listen to their customers like never before.

In this article, we’ll uncover the ways these tools can revolutionize your contact center operations, amplify customer loyalty, and fuel the growth of your organization.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Meaning and capabilities of voice of customer
  • Types of VoC tools
  • How Enthu.AI will help you?

A. What is Voice of Customer (VoC)?

Voice of Customer (VoC) tools play a pivotal role in the modern contact center by enabling businesses to capture and analyze customer feedback, sentiments, and preferences to understand their experiences and expectations.

It’s about tuning in to the voices of those who matter most – your customers – to drive improvements, innovation, and excellence throughout your business.

VoC isn’t just about feedback; it’s a strategic catalyst that revolutionizes your business.

It unlocks a wealth of customer insights, allowing you to tailor products, services and interactions to meet their exact needs.

B. Types of VoC data

VoC tools capture customer feedback through various channels, resulting in three types of data:

VoC data

1. Direct feedback

This includes feedback that customers explicitly provide through surveys, reviews, feedback forms, and other structured interactions.

These insights offer specific details about customer preferences and experiences.

2. Indirect feedback

This data is collected from sources like social media, email, online forums, call recording and comments sections, where customers discuss their experiences without being directly prompted.

Indirect feedback provides a more organic view of customer sentiment.

3. Inferred feedback

This type of data is derived through analysis of customer behaviors, such as browsing patterns, purchase history, and engagement metrics.

It helps understand customer preferences and expectations even when explicit feedback is lacking.

C. Capabilities and key features

VoC tools encompass a range of capabilities, each contributing to a holistic understanding of customer sentiments and experiences:

1. Sentiment analysis

It’s a crucial feature of VoC tools that employs advanced algorithms to understand and quantify customer emotions and opinions present in different forms of feedback.

These tools can analyze written reviews, survey responses, social media posts, and even spoken interactions to determine whether the sentiment expressed is positive, negative, or neutral.

Sentiment analysis -Enthu.ai Dashbboard

2. Text and speech analytics

This utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech recognition.

These tools transcribe and analyze customer interactions, whether they are written chats, emails, or recorded phone calls.

NLP helps customer care representatives understand the context, intent, and emotions behind text, while speech recognition converts spoken words into text for analysis.

call monitoring -Enthu.AI

3. Customer journey mapping

This process helps businesses visualize the entire customer experience, identifying pain points, bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement.

By comprehending the customer journey, contact centers can strategically address specific moments that significantly influence ongoing customer engagement and commitment.

4. Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback mechanisms allow organizations to collect customer opinions and insights immediately after interactions or transactions.

These mechanisms include pop-up surveys, in-app feedback forms, and instant messaging tools to capture customers’ impressions while the experience is fresh in their minds.

5. Net promoter score (NPS) measurement

It’s a widely used metric to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

VoC tools often incorporate NPS surveys, where customers are asked how likely they are to recommend a company’s products or services to others. 

Using these tools to measure NPS offers a straightforward and measurable method for evaluating customer emotions and their ongoing connection with the brand as time progresses.

6. Integration with CRM systems

This integration links customer feedback and sentiments to individual customer profiles, allowing contact center agents to have personalized and context-rich conversations.

It ensures that agents are well-informed about customers’ past interactions and concerns, leading to more tailored and effective support.

D. Types of voice of customer tools

There are several types of voice of customer platform available in the market, each serving specific purposes in enhancing customer experience and optimizing operations:

1. Reporting and analytics tools

These tools offer comprehensive contact center reporting and analytics functionalities, presenting insights derived from customer feedback in easy-to-understand formats.

One such tool “Enthu.AI’ which is an advanced  Speech Analytics software for call centers. 

Speech analytics software

Enthu is a robust platform that utilizes advanced speech recognition and natural language processing to analyze customer interactions.

Transcribing and analyzing conversations offers valuable insights into customer sentiments, pain points, and preferences.

Finally, it enables data-driven decisions that refine both customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Enthu.AI demo link

2. Customer feedback and review platforms

These platforms collect feedback from surveys, reviews, and social media, providing a panoramic view of customer tastes & preferences.

Analyzing this data helps contact centers pinpoint areas for improvement and innovation, resulting in tailored strategies that resonate with their audience.

3. Net promoter score (NPS) tools

These tools employ surveys to measure customer loyalty and their likelihood to recommend a brand.

NPS survey tools tools use this information to measure satisfaction, and find out who really likes the company, and who doesn’t. This helps the company improve and keep customers happy.

4. Text analytics

Contact center software such as text analytics processes written customer feedback, extracting meaningful insights to derive customers’ insights and patterns.

Text Analytics

Again, an excellent text analytics tool is Enthu.AI which excels at interpreting text-based interactions.

It employs various advanced features like natural language processing, sentiment customer analysis, conversation intelligence, speech analytics, and call monitoring.

These features help Enthu.AI dive into the subtleties of customer-written communications, enabling businesses to address specific concerns and align their responses with emotional nuances.

5. Customer journey mapping software

These tools visually chart the customer’s path from initial engagement to post-purchase follow-ups.

This insight aids in identifying pain points and moments of delight, informing businesses about where to allocate resources for a seamless journey.

6. Live chat and customer support tools

Live chat and support tools enable real-time interactions with customers.

They collect immediate feedback, assist with issues, and provide a platform for customers to voice concerns, contributing to responsive and attentive service.

7. Customer sentiment analysis

These tools offer in-depth insights into customer emotions and opinions, allowing for nuanced understanding.

Enthu.AI is incredibly helpful in understanding customers’ feelings when they talk to a contact center. It looks at the emotions and attitudes in their conversations and provides valuable insights.

This helps contact centers improve their job, guide their employees, and make customers feel special and understood.

E. How Enthu.AI will help you?

Enthu.AI is a leading player in the VoC tool landscape, offering a suite of features that empower contact centers to leverage customer data for improved outcomes.

Some of the ways Enthu.AI can assist include:

1. Accurate sentiment analysis

Enthu.AI’s precise sentiment customer analysis goes beyond simple categorization.

It accurately recognizes nuances in customer emotions, allowing contact centers to understand satisfaction levels better and promptly address any negative sentiments.

2. Keyword recognition

Enthu.AI’s keyword detection feature helps contact centers identify frequently mentioned keywords and phrases during conversations.

This assists in quickly identifying common pain points or concerns that need immediate attention.

Moment identification

3. Performance metrics

Evaluation of agent performance metrics of Enthu.AI aids contact center managers identify strengths and weaknesses among agents. 

This information supports targeted training efforts and ensures consistent quality in customer interactions.

4. Trend identification

Enthu.AI’s ability to spot emerging trends and patterns in customer feedback helps contact centers stay ahead of evolving customer needs.

This proactive approach enables adjustments to strategies and offerings to better align with customer expectations.

5. Call monitoring

Enthu.AI’s call monitoring feature allows contact centers to monitor live conversations or review recorded calls. 

This capability ensures compliance, quality assurance, and provides opportunities for real-time coaching and improvement of agent-customer interactions.

6. Data-driven decision making

Enthu.AI’s comprehensive customer analysis translates into informed decision-making.

Contact centers can use this data to refine processes, enhance operational efficiency, and strategize for future improvements based on factual insights.

7. Continuous improvement

Enthu.AI’s feedback mechanism fosters an environment of continuous improvement within the contact center.

Feedback form-Enthu.AI

By finding where things can be made better, contact centers can make their work smoother, leading to happier customers who stick around.


Incorporating Voice of Customer tools in contact center operations has proven to be transformative.

By capturing and analyzing customer feedback, sentiments, and experiences, companies can drive customer loyalty, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately improve overall business performance.

As customer expectations continue to evolve, embracing VoC tools is not just an option but a strategic imperative for businesses looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


What is the significance of Voice of Customer software in contact centers?

Voice of Customer tools enable contact centers to capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback, enhancing customer experiences, driving loyalty, and improving business performance.

How does Enthu.AI contribute to better call outcomes?

Enthu.AI offers a comprehensive suite of features, including call quality monitoring, detailed call review, sentiment analysis, evaluation management, and more, leading to improved agent performance and customer interactions.

What is the voice of customer most appropriate tool for?

The Voice of Customer (VoC) tools are most appropriate for businesses and organizations that are committed to enhancing customer experiences, refining their products and services, and optimizing their operations based on valuable customer feedback.

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