Enthu Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation intelligence for improved agent performance

Enthu helps you drive meaningful intelligence from your customer conversations so that your team can perform better.

Our Mission: Speech Analytics for all

At Enthu, we are excited about the role Speech Analytics can play to help you build a successful calling team.

While the existing technology available in the market is accessible to companies with deep pockets (mostly enterprises), our mission & vision is to make conversation analytics viable & affordable at scale.

Whether you are an SMB or an enterprise, the power to unlock value from day to day customer conversations is now within your hands. That too, without breaking your bank.

Hi, I am Tushar Jain, and I am the co-founder of Enthu.ai. We started building Enthu in June 2020.

I already had a SaaS product in the field of digital marketing (specifically SEO). However, COVID 19 meant that my sales reps were all remote, without me there in person to coach them. 

Increasingly, I was getting frustrated listening to my reps’ customer conversations and giving them feedback. No matter how many calls I listened to, it was never enough. In a way, I felt a lack of control over my calling team. After all, I didn’t know what’s happening once the call got connected.

I explored a couple of solutions in the market, and they were brilliant. But all had some intrinsic challenges for my use case:-

  • They were more enterprise focussed, both from functionality & pricing perspective.
  • They wanted me to adopt them as an end to end sales software.
  • Majority asked for a minimum rep commitment.
  • They were complex to use and onboard. I was literally drowning in data.

I couldn’t find a conversation intelligence solution meant for the needs of a small and medium business. 

I was looking for something plug and play, without the need to migrate my existing pipeline management software. At the same time, I wanted something simple, intuitive and not overwhelming, and that fits within my budget. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

With this belief to help companies of all sizes leverage the power of Conversation Intelligence, I started Enthu.AI. And I feel energized and motivated  when my customers tell us that we are successful with our belief.

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