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Enthu.AI is your end to end conversation intelligence and call center quality management software. Execute faster call quality monitoring and assurance in half the time, without listening to every single call. Focus on quality outcomes than listening to the conversations.

Monitor Call Quality

How Enthu.AI supercharges Call Center quality assurance?

Less clutter with Enthu

100% call monitoring for quality

Enthu.AI monitors 100% of customer interactions for quality assurance and auto-surfaces the calls that need urgent attention. Instead of random sampling, quality teams now focus on impact and listen to only those calls that matter the most.

Better quality assurance outcomes

Enthu.AI enables call center quality teams to create custom QA hypotheses (e.g. competitor mentions, usage of slang, sales objections etc.) and filter out calls that satisfy a specific criteria. This results in pointed feedback and better quality outcomes.

Improves sales skills
Reliable customer support

Faster call quality in lesser time

Using Enthu, call center quality analysts can monitor a 30 minutes call in just a few seconds. Enthu takes the load off them and enables 3X call QA volume in half the time, thus directly improving your agent to quality analyst ratio.

Enhanced feedback management

With Enthu.AI, call center managers can create 100% customizable feedback forms, tagged to teams and agents. Quality analysts can mark their feedback within Enthu.AI and directly share the notes with respective agents for training and coaching.

Enthu intergrates with CRMs & VoIPs

Quality assurance software to level up your call center business

Call transcription

Get each call auto transcribed. Refer call dialogue text for quick quality checks

Moment analysis

AI driven conversation analysis, split across customizable call moments.

Auto seeking

Auto seek audio to specific call moments, without the need to manually find your way.

Exhaustive call filtering

Filter calls across dates, agents, moments, feedback; and much more.

Agent level analysis

Identify patterns that separates your best agents from the mediocres.

Playback library

Bookmark calls to create custom playlists for training, coaching or escalation

Call ignores

Set conditions to ignore specific calls from getting analyzed.

100% self managed

Create a team, add/remove agents, define new call moments etc., all on your own.

Conversation Intelligence for call center quality teams

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