Features that help drive better call outcomes

Improve revenue, reduce churn and deliver better customer service with Enthu.AI's rich feature set

Monitor Call Quality

Call QA features

Run quality monitoring at scale, without the need to listen to every single call minute.

Top rated accuracy

Our speech to text works with very high accuracy for multiple English dialects, including American, Australian, Canadian, Indian, South African, South East Asian and UK dialects.

100% coverage

Every single call across all your agents get analyzed by Enthu.AI for key moments. There is no conversation that gets missed for quality.

Detailed call review

Every call is analyzed for key moments and presented in a user friendly screen for in depth analysis.

Agent wise analysis

Identify the calling behavior & patterns of each agent across multiple dimensions and call moments.

Exhaustive call filtering

Filter calls across dates, agents, moments, feedback, duration, call type; and much more. This helps you build and test calls against custom QA hypotheses.

Auto seek audio

Review a 30 mins call in under 30 secs by automatically seeking audio to the duration where a dialogue is spoken. You don’t need to listen to a call end to end.

Moment highlighting

All calls get tagged against critical call moments that were spoken. In a single view, you get to know the entire call summary by looking at the achieved/missed moments.

Dialogue views

All transcriptions are presented in an easy to understand chat format, with proper speaker labels. You can auto seek to any dialogue at the click of a button.

Evaluation management

Enthu comes with a built in evaluation module. Rate calls, give feedback and share notes instantly with agents and supervisors.

Playback library

Bookmark calls for escalation, team coaching, new onboardings; and so on.

Custome configurations

Whatever be your use case, Enthu.AI is 100% configurable to replicate your calling process.

Custom call moments

Replicate your calling script/theme within Enthu by defining critical call moments and keyword cloud. Add as many call moments/keywords as you need.

Custom teams management

Have multiple calling teams? Create teams, assign agents/ supervisors/ feedback forms and track progress of the entire team.

Custom evaluation forms

Create and assign multiple feedback forms for your teams. View, edit or replay the feedback during coaching sessions.

Custom playlists

Create unlimited playlists and bookmark calls for hearing it. Share playlists with agents for self coaching.

Custom notifications

Chose your notification trigger and teams. Critical gaps get pro actively captured and reported.

Security features

Best-practice security features to ensure data privacy and safety

PII Redaction

Automatically detect sensitive data, like credit card numbers, SSN, and 14 other parameters. Account admins have an option to mask PII from audio recordings and from call transcripts.

IP Whitelisting

On request, an Enthu user account can be configured to be accessed via a specific IP address only. That adds an extra layer of protection for sensitive industries.

Enterprise level encryption

All critical data is encrypted using enterprise level technology.

Separate environments

We have a separate test and production environment, with no data sharing between them.

Auto deletion

Customers have an option to request auto deletion of recordings & transcripts beyond X number of days.

Advanced features

Derive more from voice analytics through these advanced features

Speaker labels

All call transcripts are marked with proper speaker labels. It gives a comprehensible structure to the transcripts and makes them readable, especially when multiple speakers are there.

Call ignores

System admins can define the duration of the calls that shouldn’t be picked for analysis. This ensures only relevant calls get analyzed and you are not charged for irrelevant calls.

Download transcripts

You can download client ready call transcripts in MS Word format, at just a click of a button. No more hassles of transcribing the calls.

Caller history

Every single call comes with the last 90 day history for that caller, if available. Quickly identify and listen to the previous conversations to extract full context for that call.

And the best part: It's our unmatched flexibility

Enthu makes speech to text adoption easy, fast and cost effective for your voice teams.

No annual commitment

Enthu is a cloud based SaaS platform that requires no annual commitment (but we do offer discounts on annual plans). You can start and stop with Enthu anytime you wish, without worrying about contractual obligations.

No min rep commitment

Unlike many speech analytics platforms, we don’t ask you for a minimum agent commitment. We understand you might want to start small before scaling up, and we support you in this idea.

Unlimited onboarding support

Using Enthu is extremely easy and simple. Still, challenges can come. We support you with onboarding in all possible ways till you derive the promised RoI.

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