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Help your sales reps learn and grow faster through continuous and actionable feedback, enabled by Enthu’s speech AI and analytics.

Monitor Call Quality

How Enthu enables sales reps train & grow faster?

Surface out coachable moments

Find specific call moments that warrant sales rep coaching and training (e.g. competitor comparisons, sales objections, product intros etc.). Reinforce winning behaviors and course-correct wherever required.

Share feedback instantly

Rate calls, share feedback & exchange sales tips with reps in real time. What more: you can create your own custom feedback forms and assign them to teams.

give instant feedback
Less clutter with Enthu

Learn from top performers

Bookmark specific calls for your reps to listen to as part of their training plan. Create custom playlists and make new hires onboard faster, without the need to handhold them every single minute. 

Track improvements

Track and measure rep calling improvements over time. Compare with other sales reps to understand relative performance and individual coaching areas.


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More sales training features to improve rep skills

Call transcription

Get each call auto transcribed. Refer call dialogue text for quick quality checks

Moment analysis

AI driven conversation analysis, split across customizable call moments.

Auto seeking

Auto seek audio to specific call moments, without the need to manually find your way.

Exhaustive call filtering

Filter calls across dates, agents, moments, feedback; and much more.

Agent level analysis

Identify patterns that separates your best agents from the mediocres.

Playback library

Bookmark calls to create custom playlists for training, coaching or escalation

Call ignores

Set conditions to ignore specific calls from getting analyzed.

100% self managed

Create a team, add/remove agents, define new call moments etc., all on your own.

Speech AI for improving sales performance

Explore how your sales team can improve customer conversations with Enthu. 

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