EnthuAI Dashboard screen

Customer insights made easy

Boost agent performance, understand customer sentiment & improve revenue

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Extract Insights, Impact Decisions

QA efficiency
Automate Quality Monitoring
Improve Customer Experience (CX)
Increase retention & new revenue

How Enthu.AI works?

Get actionable insights to drive KPIs that matter

Capture customer voice across channels

Automagically source customer conversations across phone calls, chats, tickets, VCs and other channels. 

Your tech is integrated in days (not months), allowing you to make impact in record times.

Coach and train calling teams

Generate insights for multiple teams

Run Automated Quality Management program, monitor conversations at scale & auto surface opportunities for improvement.

Leverage combined customer intelligence for operations, sales, support, marketing and product teams. 

Drive productivity, CX and revenue

Derive actionables that improve agent performance,  predict & reduce customer churn and impact experience and revenue metrics.

Understand your customer 10x better

Still following traditional ways to generate customer insights? Let us show you a better way.

Driving consistency in revenue and
predictability in outcomes for 100+ brands