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Automate call QA process, streamline agent evaluation & improve call outcomes with Enthu’s speech-AI and conversation intelligence platform.

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Enthu Conversation Intelligence Software

Achieve more with Enthu’s AI driven Speech Analytics

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How Enthu helps voice teams excel?

Get actionable insights to drive higher agent performance

Monitor 100% calls, faster than ever

Enthu’s automated conversation intelligence surfaces the calls that need urgent QA attention. Capture insights from each customer interaction without listening to every single minute. A 30 mins call gets analyzed in a couple of seconds.

Coach and train calling teams

Actionable People Analytics

Identify the KPIs & behaviors that your best agents exhibit. Replicate these winning behaviors to drive call quality & behavioral improvements.

Efficient Process Intelligence

Define custom scripts, keywords, instances & moments. Identify process failures, compliance gaps and training opportunities automatically, without listening to even a single call. 

Agent Performance Redefined

Equip your managers to identify what drives better calling performance. Pinpoint impacts outcomes & track quantitative agent improvements over time.

Conversation Intelligence in Action

Explore how Enthu can drive tangible performance outcomes for calling teams

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