Transform your sales team into quota crushing rockstars

Enthu helps you build, grow and maintain a rockstar team by helping members improve their sales skills, with least effort.

Improves sales skills

How Enthu enables Sales Teams exceed quotas?

Sells benefits, not features

Identify the calls (and the circumstances) where the agent starts dumping features instead of value. Use it as a reference for effective sales coaching.

Identify common sales objections

Hear out the sales objections other reps are facing day in and out, and learn how to deal with them. Create your custom playbooks and increase your win rate.

Manage competition

Learn how other agents tackle competition. Identify the strengths of each competitor and how you stand against them. Then use this information to sell better.

Collaborative learning

Want your team to listen to specific sales calls? Enthu enables easy and one click sharing so that peer learning never stops.

Enthu intergrates with CRMs & VoIPs

More features to improve sales skills

Moment analysis

Define custom moments and let Enthu surface out those conversations in no time.

Agent level analysis

Identify how the best agents sell, and then learn from them.

Auto seeking

Auto seek audio to specific call moments, without the need to manually find the way.

Exhaustive call filtering

Filter calls across dates, agents, moments, feedback etc. and learn from them.

Playback library

Bookmark calls to create custom playlists for sales skill improvement.

Performance dashboard

Track and compare agent calling performance against key metrics.

Call ignores

Set conditions to ignore specific calls from getting analyzed.

100% self managed

Manage each aspect of Enthu yourself, without involving any technical team.

Conversation Intelligence for Sales Teams

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