Proactively ensure compliance, before it becomes a headache

Enthu surfaces out the calls that have regulatory issues so that you can coach the erring agents well within time, thereby reducing your reputation and monetary risks significantly.

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How Enthu enables contact centers
manage compliance & legal risks better?

Less clutter with Enthu

100% call coverage

Get calls with compliance issues automatically surface out, without you even raising a finger. Get compliance checks across 100% of the calls, without being at the mercy of random call sampling.

Run faster call reviews

Review calls in seconds, not minutes to understand the context of compliance gaps. Auto seek to the exact call moment, without the need to play through the entire recording.

Enthu intergrates with CRMs & VoIPs
give instant feedback

Raise timely alarms

Record feedback right within Enthu and notify team members & managers about the compliance issues.

Bookmark calls

Bookmark calls that have compliance issues for later reference or for training purposes. Build playlists for other agents to listen to calls and self coach themselves.

More features to enhance regulatory compliance

Call transcription

Get each call auto transcribed. Refer call dialogue text for quick quality checks.

Agent level analysis

Identify agents who continuously flout regulatory norms.

Moment analysis

AI driven conversation analysis to surface out agents & calls that have a compliance issue.

Custom feedback forms

Create custom feedback forms tuned for escalating calls with compliance issues.

Playback library

Bookmark calls to create custom playlists for training, coaching or escalation.

Performance tracking

Ensure the agents are not repeating the same compliance mistake again.

Smart speech analytics to enhance
compliance at contact centres

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Regulatory compliance gets enhanced with Enthu