8 ways to improve sales efficiency in 2023

improve sales effectiveness

Sneak-peak to 8 Ways to improve sales effectiveness: 1. Agent monitoring  – This ensures that you empower your sales team at the right time. 2. Analyzing the lead/customer’s response – Allows you to strategize further communications. 3. Proper communication of content for sales – … Read more

12 Effective Voice Of Customer Best Practices

Voice of customer best practices

They say the customer is always right.  In 2023, customers aren’t just right; they’re like the rulers in the business world. According to a recent study, 81% of organizations see CX as a competitive differentiator. That’s right – a whopping 81%! Why? Because they know that customer experience … Read more

Brand Sentiment in Contact Center 2023: Shaping CX

Brand Sentiments

In 2023, the pursuit of customer-centricity is more pronounced than ever before, and as businesses continue to vie for customer loyalty, understanding and effectively managing brand sentiment becomes paramount.  The modern customer is discerning, and their expectations from companies have reached new heights. A … Read more