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From call center operations to sales to customer service, call analytics is an advanced solution for many business functions. Below are some of the most important things you need to know about this ground-breaking technology.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Data is the new gold or oil or currency.”

Because data helps businesses in numerous ways nowadays, every company is trying to collect its customers’ data from different sources such as emails, surveys, interviews, sales, social media, calls, and more. 

Among all these data types, phone calls are one of the most valuable insights your marketing efforts can drive. 

According to Invoca, 65% of people prefer contacting a business by phone, while only 24% prefer using a web form. Additionally, a study by American Express reveals that 75% of consumers believe phone calls will help them get quicker business responses.

Undoubtedly, phone calls contain rich information that helps you understand your customers’ needs, provide customized solutions, and exceed their expectations.

Eventually, it enables you to improve agent performance, optimize campaigns, and grow your business. 

But that’s only possible if you’re able to collect, analyze, and turn those unstructured phone call data into meaningful insights. 

And that’s where call center analytics comes into play. 

In this article, we’ll explore what is call analytics and how it works. Also, we’ll cover call analytics reporting & coaching and share the best call analytics solution for your business. 

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • What is call analytics?
  • How does call analytics work?
  • Call analytics reporting and coaching.
  • Best call analytics software for your business.
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A. What is call analytics?

Call analytics is a technology that uses AI to collect, measure, and analyze call recordings and track data and insights from phone calls.

Your call center representatives and sales & marketing team can use these insights to gain valuable information about customer interactions and the effectiveness of communication strategies. 

For example, you can use call analytics to track the number of incoming calls, measure call duration, identify popular time frames for calls, and more. 

call analytics in call center

It also includes conversation intelligence data like the name of the caller, his phone number, his pain points & needs, the products or services he was interested in, and if he ultimately converted to a customer. 

In this increasingly information-driven world, marketers leverage these call analytics data to benefit their companies in plenty of ways. 

You can use these insights to:

  • Identify customers’ pain points and understand their needs
  • Target customers with related ads and boost their satisfaction
  • Make smarter camping budget decisions
  • Improve call handling process and agent’s performance
  • Drive more leads at a lower Cost Per Lead (CPL) 
  • Maximize your business’ ROI

B. How does call analytics work?

How does call analytics work?

Simply put, call analytics work by recording your marketing sources’ phone conversations and then analyzing them using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. 

Suppose you have a particular phone number for advertising on different platforms, like your website, ads, or social media.

When someone calls, the call analytics software keeps track of who’s calling, where they’re calling from, and how they found out about your business. This is useful for agents who are working remotely or coming on-site.

Isn’t it call analytics a detective for your phone calls?

But that’s not all – this advanced tool records the call and transcribes the conversation using speech-to-text or speech analytics technology.

It looks for important clues like whether the caller is interested in buying something if they need help urgently, or what products they are asking about.

All this valuable information isn’t kept a secret.

You can turn it into simple reports that your team can read and understand.

So, your marketing team can see which ads or websites bring in the most calls, and your sales and customer service teams can listen to the recordings or read the transcriptions to understand how to help customers better.

They can even see if customers sound happy, sad, or frustrated during the calls.

And here’s the best part – this valuable data helps in digital ad tools like Google Ads and Facebook, marketing tools like Google Analytics, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

C. Call analytics reporting and coaching

Call analytics reporting is the graphical representation of phone call data, often presented in visual formats such as charts and graphs.

This process allows companies to gain insights into various aspects of their communication strategies. 

Dashboards serve as customizable tools displaying measurements, scores, and analyses related to customer experience, agent performance, and quality assurance.

Many advanced call analytics software like Enthu.AI are conversation intelligence software that provides real-time visibility through these dashboards.

Agent Coaching- Enthu.AI

They enable agents and managers to track and understand communication metrics, fostering continuous improvement.

On the other hand, call analytics coaching means using the insights derived from data analysis to guide and improve the performance of individuals, such as customer service agents.

This coaching approach involves using data-driven feedback to refine communication strategies and enhance the effectiveness of customer interactions.

For example, agents may access performance dashboards in real-time, allowing them to make immediate adjustments to enhance the quality of their interactions.

Conversely, managers can utilize broader dashboards to gain visibility into the overall performance of teams, individual agents, or specific business lines. 

D. Find the best call analytics software for your business

Are you planning to invest in call analytics software? Wondering what are the things to look for in a call analytics solution? 

Here are some of the most important features to look for when buying call center analytics software:

1. Intuitive call monitoring and analytics

A good call analytics software should be easy to use, allowing you to track and understand call data effortlessly.

Look for a tool that provides clear insights into call performance without the need for complex procedures.

Enthu.AI speeds up the monitoring and analytics, focusing on delivering top-notch results. It avoids listening to every conversation by prioritizing efficiency and high-quality outcomes.

Sentiment analysis -Enthu.ai Dashbboard

2. Omnichannel analytics

Choose a software that goes beyond just calls and includes data from various communication channels.

This helps you get a comprehensive view of customer interactions, such as emails, chats, and social media, providing a more complete analysis.

With Enthu.AI, you can capture customer voice across channels, from calls to tickets, chats, VCs, and more.

Your tech is integrated in days (not months), allowing you to make an impact in record times.

3. Sentiment analysis

Opt for a tool that can analyze the tone and mood of conversations.

Sentiment analysis tools help you understand how customers feel during calls.

These tools enables you to address concerns or celebrate positive interactions for better customer relations.

Enthu.AI’s call analytics includes advanced sentiment analysis, allowing businesses to interpret and respond to customer emotions, ultimately improving overall satisfaction.

Demo link

4. Advanced reporting and dashboard

A good call analytics software should offer detailed and customizable reports.

Creating visually appealing dashboards, following call center practices allows you to grasp key metrics and trends and facilitate informed decision-making quickly.

Enthu.AI’s call analytics platform includes advanced reporting, automated quality management and dashboard functionalities, allowing users to generate detailed reports and customize dashboards for actionable insights.

Detailed evaluation stats

5. AI-powered speech analytics

Look for a software with artificial intelligence and call center qa capabilities that can analyze spoken words during calls.

This feature helps identify patterns, keywords, and sentiments automatically and provides deeper insights into customer interactions and agent performance.

Enthu.AI utilizes AI-powered speech analytics to transcribe and analyze spoken words during customer interactions.

Explicitly designed for contact centers, Enthu.AI offers insights into crucial call moments, agent performance, coaching possibilities, and customer feedback.

Trend identification 

6. Integration with other technologies

Ensure that your call center call analytics software seamlessly integrates with leading dialers, video conferencing tools, and CRMs.

This integration enhances the overall communication ecosystem, streamlining processes and improving call center efficiency across different platforms.

Enthu.AI offers seamless integration with leading dialers, video conferencing tools, and CRMs such as AirCall, CallHippo, Dialpad, Outreach, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoom, and more.

7. Scalability and flexibility

Choose a solution that can grow with your business.

Scalability ensures the software can handle increased call volumes and data, while flexibility allows for customization to meet specific business needs, adapting to changes in your organization over time.

Enthu.AI is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, accommodating the evolving needs of businesses.

Whether scaling operations or adapting to changing communication requirements, Enthu.AI provides a solution that grows with the organization.

Final Thoughts

In the fast-evolving landscape of business communication, leveraging the power of call analytics is more crucial than ever.

Engaging in meaningful phone conversations is a tool to collect meaningful insights and a way to understand your customers, improve their experience, increase conversion rates, enhance agent performance, and ultimately boost your company’s profit and growth. 

As businesses worldwide embrace the potential of this technology, it’s high time for you to explore the realm of conversation analytics, especially if you operate a contact center or customer support business.


Q.1.What is call center analytics? 

Answer. Call Center Analytics involves the analysis of data gathered from call center interactions. It helps businesses gain insights into agent performance, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency, enabling data-driven decision-making for improved customer service and overall business success.

Q.2.How do you analyze call data?

Answer. Analyzing call data involves using specialized software to extract valuable insights from recorded calls. Through techniques like sentiment analysis and keyword recognition, businesses can evaluate customer feedback, agent performance, and emerging trends to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Q.3.What is call tracking, and how does it work?

Answer. Call tracking is a marketing analytics tool that traces the source of phone calls to businesses. It assigns unique phone numbers to different marketing channels, allowing businesses to determine which campaigns are driving calls. This data helps optimize marketing strategies and allocate resources effectively for better ROI.

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