9 Best Sales Training Software in 2024

Sales training software is a powerful tool that enables reps to ramp faster, improve selling skills, and succeed.

Sales Training Software

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Congratulations! You’ve built a world-class product.

Your marketing team has put their heart and soul into creating a good buzz for this new product.

But despite all the hype and excitement, your sales team is not able to convert those leads into sales.

They fail to identify potential customers, communicate effectively with them, build lasting relationships, and close deals with confidence.

No matter how incredible your products or services are, your sales team is not equipped to capitalize on the opportunity at hand without the necessary knowledge and skills.

If you’re serious about optimizing your sales performance and turning your team into a powerhouse of productivity and success, then it’s time to consider investing in sales training.

And what better way to do that than with advanced sales training software?

When it comes to shaping the team that holds your company’s growth in their hands, the right software can make all the difference.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the top 9 sales training software solutions to help you unlock your sales team’s full potential in 2024. 

  • How we analyze and select Sales training software?

    After extensive research and evaluation, we’ve curated a list of premier Sales training software. Our meticulous process involved considering factors such as user experience, G2 ratings and reviews, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

    We’ve thoroughly evaluated these tools based on their capabilities in sales coaching , sales training call automation, sentiment analysis, transcriptions, conversation intelligence, and provision of performance metrics.

    Our dedicated efforts aim to provide marketers with valuable insights, empowering them to select tools that foster business growth effectively.

A. What is sales training software?

Sales training software is like a virtual coach for sales teams.

It’s a tool that helps them learn and improve their selling skills in a smarter and more organized way. 

Imagine it as a digital classroom where salespeople can practice different scenarios, like talking to customers or using new sales techniques.

This training equips salespeople with various sales training ideas and practices to improve their performance. 

Sales Training Software

For example, if you sell gadgets, this software helps you learn how to explain their features and handle customer doubts. 

It keeps track of how your team is doing so you can see where they need to get better.

It helps them improve at their job and ultimately sells more products and services.

B. Best sales training tools to invest in 2024

1. Enthu.AI

Enabled by advanced speech AI and analytics, Enthu.AI is a rockstar conversation intelligence and sales training software to invest in 2024.

Its various advanced features, coachable moments, and user-friendly interface help your sales team learn and grow faster.

Let your sales team find and rate specific call moments, share feedback, and exchange real-time sales tips.

Moreover, bookmark specific calls as well as track & measure your reps’ calling improvements over time. 

From call transcription to moment analysis, call filtering, call monitoring, agent level analysis, and more, Enthu.AI various robust features help you improve your sales representative skills. 

The interface looks nice. Integrations are ready quickly. Have low costs, great monthly subscription. Best call transcription with analysis! Responsive team. Highly recommend!

Alex McConville

Head of Central Sales

​Enthu. AI is an amazing and flexible conversational intelligence with strong integration capabilities. Provides high level of accuracy on call transcript and has strong word recognition.

Scott Bierbryer

Chief Revenue Officer

Best For:

Sales teams, consumer brands, small to mid sized contact centers, D2C, appointment setters, collections team.
  • Use cases supported: Quality assurance, agency coaching, process improvement, customer experience.
  • G2 Rating: 4.9 out of 5
  • Languages supported: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Key features: Top accuracy, 100% call coverage, agent-wise analysis, custom call moments, custom evaluation forms.
  • Pricing: Custom

2. HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot dashboard

HubSpot Sales Hub is another excellent sales training software due to its comprehensive features that boost productivity and deepen customer connections. 

No matter how challenging your sales problems are, this cutting-edge tool enables your team to stay organized and effective throughout so they can build high-converting pipelines.

It prioritizes quality over quantity, offering tools for prospecting smarter, accelerating revenue growth, and scaling insightfully. 

With features like lead management, email tracking, sales coaching solution, and advanced analytics. 

Sales Hub empowers sales teams to streamline their processes and close deals more effectively.

  • Primary Use Case: Improve prospecting efficiency, streamline deal management, and gain actionable insights to drive revenue growth
  • Pricing: Sales Hub offers Professional and Enterprise plans. Professional plans start at $800/month.
  • G2 Reviews: 4.4/5 (link to customer reviews)

Best For

CRM, Sales Enablement tool, Email Tracking


  • 90% of customers express satisfaction with the platform’s CRM integration.
  • 78% of users are benefited with the email campaign features.
  • Most of the users are satisfied with managing and tracking sales activity.

Keith L.

I have been in professional sales for over 15 years and have used many CRM tools, including the best-known names in the industry.


  • Majority of users are not satisfied with the platform’s reporting feature.
  • The platform’s pricing is not cost-effective as compared to the other platforms.
  • Automation features are very less to streamline the sales process.
  • Most of the users expressed dissatisfaction with customer support services.

Maggie S.

Gmail extension, althought I am unable to filter out my email warming emails so my CRM is a bit messy.

3. Zoho Learn

Zoho Learn

The next sales training software on our list is Zoho Learn, which helps your reps develop technical and interpersonal skills to close deals confidently. 

With automated training processes, collaborative learning tools, and robust tracking capabilities, Zoho Learn streamlines sales training efforts while reducing costs associated with traditional methods. 

Its centralized platform facilitates easy access to training materials, ensuring reps can enhance their skills at their own pace. 

Zoho Learn’s ability to build customized training programs, assess sales skills, track progress, and foster discussions makes it a valuable asset for organizations aiming to optimize their sales performance.

  • Primary Use Case: Streamline sales training processes, onboard new reps efficiently, and continuously upskill their sales teams.
  • Pricing: Zoho Learn offers flexible plans, including a free option with basic features and premium editions starting at $60/month.  (Check their pricing page for more details)
  • G2 Reviews: 4.2/5 (link to customer reviews)

We gathered countless genuine user reviews about Zoho Learn from sites such as G2 and Capterra. We have focused on the key aspects that are crucial for practical use. Here’s what we found:


  • More than 85% of customers complimented Zoho Learn for its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Most users are satisfied with the platform’s capabilities, suggesting high customer satisfaction overall.
  • 70% of users observed successful integration with other Zoho products, which streamlined workflows and increased productivity.
  • 7 out of 10 customers found Zoho Learn easy to implement in their businesses.

Arunkumar D.

Its Very user friendly and easy to implement with ease of integration into our organisation culture , with numerous features whihc helped our team to use it frequently.


  • Approximately 75% of customers were dissatisfied with the limited number of quiz alternatives provided in Zoho Learn.
  • More than 60% of customers experienced issues connecting Zoho Learn with other Zoho products such as Zoho People and Zoho Desk.
  • 8 out of 10 customers expressed frustration with Zoho Learn’s delayed and unresponsive assistance.
  • Many customers were dissatisfied with Zoho Learn’s simple and lacking user interface.

Anonymous User

I don’t have the visibility of how to use the Yearly Training Plan and roll it out inside the Zoho for entire organization

4. Second Nature AI

Second Nature AI

Second Nature’s AI-powered role plays are an engaging way for your sales representatives to learn skills.

With engaging role-plays and interactive learning experiences, your sales reps can master skills effectively while significantly reducing onboarding time. 

Its intuitive platform allows for easy creation and customization of training courses.

It ensures they stay up-to-date with company messaging and compliance requirements. 

With built-in AI tools and manager dashboards, Second Nature provides valuable insights into participation and performance. It enables managers to identify strengths and areas for growth effortlessly. 

  • Primary Use Case: Revolutionize sales training programs by leveraging AI-powered role-plays and interactive learning experiences.
  • Pricing: Specific pricing details are not provided on the website.  (Contact Second Nature team for customized pricing plans)
  • G2 Reviews: 4.6/5 (link to customer reviews)

Best For

Sales coaching, Conversational AI, Customer support


  • 90% of customers are satisfied with Second Nature AI’s user experience, effectiveness in improving sales skills.
  • Users highlight the platform’s ability to accelerate the onboarding process.
  • Second Nature AI was increasing sales confidence among their team members.
  • 80% of customers appreciate the platform’s ability to provide detailed insights into sales conversations and performance metrics.

Madelyn L.

It’s excellent practice if you don’t like role-playing with other people. Great for people that have to read scripts word for word. She does make me laugh sometimes with the things she says.


  • Approximately 75% of customers were dissatisfied with the lack of support for languages other than English.
  • Around 6 out of 10 customers found difficulty with voice recognition.
  • 70% of users found the scripted role plays to be overly rigid, limiting the practicality of the simulations and hampering the development of adaptable sales skills.
  • Nearly 45% of customers saw cost as a key disadvantage, suggesting that the price structure may not correlate with perceived value.

Jason L.

The only issue I have right now is sometimes she doesn’t understand what was said and can go off on a tangent. Sometimes the answers don’t match up to the question asked but I think that will come with learning and time

5. Mind Tickle


Designed to address the critical need for continuous learning in sales teams, Mind Tickle keeps your reps ready for anything.

Offering targeted training materials and real-time skill gap identification ensures that sales reps are always prepared for their calls.

All this results in increased confidence and higher win rates. 

The platform’s AI-powered spaced reinforcements prevent skill erosion, while its asset hub provides just-in-time content for reps to access essential resources easily. 

Mindtickle’s emphasis on reinforcement, collaboration, and readiness makes it an attractive choice for organizations looking to elevate their sales training efforts.

  • Primary Use Case: Address skill gaps and ensure long-term retention of sales training materials.
  • Pricing: Specific pricing details are not provided on the website.  (Contact Mind Tickle Team for customized pricing plans)
  • G2 Reviews: 4.7/5 (link to customer reviews)

We gathered countless genuine user reviews about Mindtickle coach from sites such as G2 and Capterra. We have focused on the key aspects that are crucial for practical use. Here’s what we found:


  • More than 90% of customers are satisfied with MindTickle’s user experience and ease of navigation.
  • That platform underlines its usefulness in keeping users interested and motivated throughout the learning process.
  • MindTickle’s mobile accessibility, allows them to access training materials and courses while on the road, increasing flexibility and learning continuity.
  • Over 85% of customers find MindTickle’s tracking and reporting feature useful for monitoring their training progress.

Gaurav K.

It makes taking courses and other required training fiarly straighforward. By “game-ifying” the process, they make it easy to see how someone is doing and motivating them to complete things.


  • 70% of customers were dissatisfied with the restricted training delivery alternatives.
  • Around 6 out of 10 users reported challenges navigating through courses.
  • Half of the users said a need for more extensive reporting and analytics options.
  • Nearly 30% of customers observed assessment grading, indicating that the platform’s evaluation method may be inaccurate and unreliable.

Derek W.

I don’t like the course completion tracking. It would be helpful to also see an estimated time to complete course.

6. Showpad

showpad coach

Offering seamless onboarding, training, and coaching solutions, Showpad Coach accelerates sales cycles, promotes higher quota attainment, and empowers managers to get more out of new hires faster. 

Its AI-assisted coaching provides actionable feedback on sales pitches, while the platform’s analytics and insights enable insight-driven decisions to invest in impactful training activities. 

With Showpad, you can arrange sales training encompassing courses and real-world assignments. Its interactive courses, live video training, and real-time dashboards to learn new skills in a more engaging and fun way. 

  • Primary use Case: Onboard new hires, train and certify sellers, and provide ongoing coaching to drive consistent sales performance.
  • Pricing: Offer essential, plus, and ultimate plans. 
  • Key Features: Sales Coaching, Sales enablement, sales performance
  • G2 Reviews: 4.4/5 

We gathered countless genuine user reviews about Showpad coach from sites such as G2 and Capterra. We have focused on the key aspects that are crucial for practical use. Here’s what we found:


  • The Platform effectively safeguards sensitive data and mitigates cybersecurity risks, in protecting users digital assets.
  • Approximately 75% of users satisfied ShadowPad for its intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • 56% of users were impressed with Platforms scalability, allowing businesses to adapt and grow without compromising performance.
  • 90% of customers are satisfied with the platform’s comprehensive backup solutions.

Marni S.

ShowPad Coach works best for our Internal Use Case, new hire onboarding.


  • About 45% of users faced difficulties in the configuration and installation process.
  • Most of the Users experienced delays in data processing and system responsiveness.
  • 35% of users expressed dissatisfaction with Platform’s customer support services.

Anonymous User

It was shocking how lacking in functionality the platform was compared to its competitors as well as how inflexible the options and customizations were

7. Brainshark


With the flexibility to deliver engaging, on-demand training anytime and anywhere, Brainshark accelerates onboarding and ensures continuous learning for sales teams. 

The platform allows for certification tracking, ensuring mandatory training is completed efficiently.

It lets your sales team close deals in less time, retain critical skills & knowledge and automatically get certifications & badges.

The Brainshark Mobile App makes the learning content accessible even in areas with low connectivity, catering to the needs of mobile reps.

The ability to manage live events alongside on-demand training adds a holistic touch to the training approach.

  • Primary Use Case: Streamline onboarding, provide continuous learning opportunities, and make the certification of mandatory training for their sales teams.
  • Pricing: Specific pricing details are not provided on the website.  (Contact the Brain Shark Team for customized pricing plans)
  • G2 Reviews: 4.4/5 (link to customer reviews)

Best for:

Sales enablement, training content


  • Approximately 85% of customers indicated that Brainshark improved their training processes.
  • Users praised Brainshark for its ease of access to training materials at any time and anywhere.
  • 90% of customers expressed satisfaction with Brainshark’s ease of use, showing a high level of usability and functionality.
  • Brainshark’s reporting capabilities, particularly its detailed analytics and tracking tools, is just perfect.

Allison H.

The Brainshark team is accommodating and always willing to jump in and help out with any email I send them (and it is a lot of emails).


  • Customers were frustrated by Brainshark’s editing limits, particularly with audio.
  • 60% of users find Brainshark’s navigation system too complicated.
  • 6 out of 10 users have trouble discovering outdated or particular material inside Brainshark.
  • Half of the users were dissatisfied with the lack of interactive features outside of the conventional Q&A interface.

Nathanial B.

I find the user interface as a learner to be unintuitive and confusing. The difference between Learning and Coaching isn’t clear and often click back won’t take my back to where I expect to be.

8. EdApp by SC Training

SC Training

EdApp offers a comprehensive solution for onboarding, training, assessing, tracking, and certifying sales teams. With a user-friendly interface and AI-driven features like AI Create, EdApp streamlines the course creation process, saving time and effort. 

Its extensive course library, editable templates, and customizable content empower organizations to tailor training to their specific needs. 

The platform’s admin portal allows for seamless management of users, content, and data, while the learner portal ensures higher completion rates with engaging microlearning courses. 

  • Primary Use Case: Ideal for organizations seeking an intuitive and AI-driven sales training solution for onboarding and continuous learning.
  • Pricing: EdApp offers flexible pricing plans, including a free option with basic features and premium editions starting at $2.95 per user/month.  (Check their pricing page for more details)
  • G2 Reviews: 4.7/5 (link to customer reviews)

We gathered countless genuine user reviews about Edapp coach from sites such as G2 and Capterra. We have focused on the key aspects that are crucial for practical use. Here’s what we found:


  • 90% of customers are satisfied with the user-friendly interface, indicating that the platform meets their usability requirements.
  • Most users convey that EdApp’s microlearning technique improves engagement and learning outcomes.
  • EdApp’s customer support team, suggests a high level of satisfaction with the service offered.
  • 7 out of 10 users praise the platform’s customization options, such as the ability to upload unique material and modify learning experiences.

Matt C.

EdApp allows our employees to log on to complete the required training at their convenience. They incorporate several points systems to motivate employees to do their best.


  • 75% of users expressed a desire for more customization features, such as background pictures, fonts, and colors.
  • 60% of users requested connectivity with other platforms, which may provide a hurdle for users who rely on other tools in their workflow.
  • Around 7 out of 10 users mentioned concern about the price strategy, namely the per-user fee structure.
  • Half of the customers were dissatisfied with the language selections.

Sam D.

The biggest restriction on the app is that folks can’t enter long-form text for grading. E.g., I can ask 30 multiple choice, but I can’t do a long answer without paying.

9. Seismic


The last sales training software on our list is Seismic, designed to empower sales teams to achieve peak performance. 

With a focus on learning, coaching, buyer engagement, and enablement intelligence, Seismic provides a unified platform for sales enablement that enhances productivity and drives revenue growth.

 Its robust learning and coaching capabilities, personalized onboarding, and extensive content management tools make it a valuable asset for sales leaders and reps alike. 

  • Primary Use Case: Streamline sales processes, enhance sales effectiveness, and drive revenue growth through personalized learning, coaching, and content management.
  • Pricing: Specific pricing details are not publicly disclosed on the website. (Contact the Seismic Team for customized pricing plans)
  • G2 Reviews: 4.7/5 (link to customer reviews)

Best for:

sales enablement, sales and marketing teams, sales training


  • Approximately 80% of users claim considerable time savings in content management duties since using Seismic.
  • Almost all consumers are satisfied with Seismic’s user interface.
  • 95% of customers attribute improvements in sales performance to Seismic.
  • Seismic’s analytics tools give useful information on customer engagement with content.

Maya R.

Seismic has proved to be a great way to house all sales and marketing materials in one centralised location.


  • Approximately 70% of customers were frustrated by the inability to fully customize the content.
  • 6 out of 10 customers found the search tool lacking, citing challenges in quickly locating specific resources or documents within the platform.
  • 45% of customers reported performance difficulties while using the LiveSend feature.
  • Half of the users had integration issues when attempting to sync Seismic with other systems.

Chris W.

Some integrations feel only half completed. For example file name changes do not propagate from synced sources such as SharePoint.

C. What to look for in sales training software?

  1. Ease of Use: Look for a platform with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features to ensure quick adoption by your sales team.
  2. Customization: Choose a software that allows you to customize training content and modules to align with your company’s specific needs and objectives.
  3. Analytics: Prioritize platforms with robust analytics capabilities, including performance tracking and real-time feedback, to measure the effectiveness of your training programs.
  4. Integration: Opt for software that seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM systems and other sales tools to maximize efficiency and productivity.

D. Get started with the best sales training platform

Investing in the right sales training software is key to enhancing your sales team’s performance and productivity.

You can choose one of the above sales training tools as per your needs and budget. 

With features like conversation intelligence, speech analytics, and quality assurance, Enthu.AI offers a comprehensive solution to empower your team and drive results. Ask for a FREE demo now.


Sales training software plays a crucial role in equipping sales teams with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive market. 

Whether you’re looking for advanced conversation intelligence tools or user-friendly learning management systems, there’s a wide range of options available to meet your specific requirements. 

By carefully evaluating your needs and considering factors such as ease of use, customization, analytics, and integration capabilities, you can select the best sales training software to elevate your team’s performance and achieve your business goals.


  • 1. What is SaaS sales training?

    SaaS sales training uses online software to teach sales teams essential skills and product knowledge, replacing traditional in-person training.

  • 2. Why is conversation intelligence important for sales training?

    Conversation intelligence helps sales teams analyze interactions with customers to improve communication, identify successful strategies, and increase closing rates.

  • 3. What is the best method for training salespeople?

    The best training method combines interactive online courses, role-playing exercises, shadowing experienced reps, and ongoing coaching to support individual learning needs and maximize effectiveness.

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