Using Call Recordings and Speech Analytics to Improve Call Center Performance

Using Call Recordings and Speech Analytics to Improve Call Center Performance

With speech analytics, companies can now screen calls that call centers couldn’t review manually. This means that businesses now have access to actionable insights from calls.

As such, they will have more access to information that otherwise would have been lost even through surveys.

How do you use these analytics tools along with call recordings to improve call center performance? We will provide an answer to this question in this post. Before then, here’s a brief overview.


Defining Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is one of the most important tools in the call center business today. It helps to analyze live calls from customers as well as call recordings.

Through this, it helps business owners gather specific insights into the behaviors and needs of their customers.

The different software used can identify phrases and words based on a predefined library set by the user. With this, users can detect the latest trends in their customer interactions.

It also helps to analyze audio patterns that detect stress and other emotions in the voice of the speaker.


Call Recording Features that help to improve Call Center Performance

Great, you know what speech analytics mean. Now, let’s look at a few features that these tools provide you to improve the performance of your call center team.

1. Agent recordings

When running a call center, it is your responsibility to provide tools that will fuel the improvement of your staff. One of the best ways to do this is to provide avenues for them to review their performance on calls.

By listening to their recorded conversations, they can detect issues that they encountered previously to help avoid them in the future.

Working on your initial call resolution rate is a very good way of improving call center metrics. Once you can solve the issues related to the least number of calls, improving the overall service is possible.

With access to recordings, you help your call agents shorten calls easily. This is because they can learn to detect whether they will make headway with a caller or not.

Agent recordings also help to cut down on call abandonment, speed of answer and wait time. All of this will help in streamlining their workflow and improve overall performance.

2. Search by agent

It is important for call centers to review calls by agents to know if their agents meet up with their KPIs. The truth is that monitoring KPIs in call centers may be difficult because of the number of agents available.

However, with speech analytics and call recording, you can get past this complexity.

You no longer have to scan through endless hours of calls to find the interaction of a specific agent. Each call has specific time tags so finding the calls for each agent is very easy.

You can access such recordings within seconds. It is imperative to note that not all call recording software have this feature. So before you subscribe, make sure that you find out from their support team.

3. Accessing older recordings

For some industries, you need to access call recordings that are beyond six months old. These help you to evaluate performance and facilitate training sessions.

What happens when you can’t?

With these older recordings, you can help new intakes to understand your industry better.

They can learn from the mistakes and experiences of previous call agents. It is best to find call recording tools that provide access to such recordings.

Asides from training and measuring performance, accessing old recordings help to set retention patterns. This way, you define the retention pattern for different projects.

As such, you ensure improvement in service delivery across your team.

4. Remote access

Most call recording solutions these days are cloud-based. This means that call center managers have access to call recordings remotely. Being cloud-based means that managers can download call recordings regardless of the location of the call agent.

It also means that they can access these recordings on different devices.

Has measuring KPIs been any easier than this? You can now measure the performance of your call center agents on the go. These calls are usually in M4A or MP4 formats so reviewing the calls is pretty easy.

There are even web-based analytics tools that make measuring performance a lot easier.

5. Data encryption

You can hardly separate data encryption from the process of a modern call center. It is even more important in reporting software. The only way to ensure total protection for your confidential data is through encryption.

Several call recording solutions will help to encrypt data after compressing it.

This way, it cannot be accessed by third parties or stolen in transit. Encryption also helps in reducing file size on your server.


Benefits of Using Speech Analytics

By now, you must be wondering why you should switch to speech analytics tools. In this section, we will look at some important benefits these tools present your call center.

i) Quality monitoring processes 

This is one of the most common reasons why you need these tools anyway. They help you to analyze one hundred percent of the recordings you make in a month automatically.

As such, you can deliver performance feedback to your agents automatically.

These insights will help in managing quality control, training, and understanding customer behavior and action. Ultimately, you will improve the quality of calls from your organization.

ii) Identifying sales opportunities and trends

Do you know that through your recordings you can identify sales opportunities and trends? This is made easy since you can automatically analyze all your call recordings.

Thus, you can easily identify the desired outcomes of different calls like driving sales.

Using these tools helps you to identify the different ways that sales can be made over the phone. Choose the ones with the best outcomes and implement them to boost your results.

You can also use this as a means of scoring your agents if they are able to adhere to the identified patterns or not.

iii) Encouraging compliance

When call agents fail to comply with laid down regulations, it will cost the company. With speech analytics, you can encourage compliance among your call agents.

The traditional methods will prevent you from checking non-compliant behavior. As such, it is impossible to protect against litigation putting your call center at risk.

With the new tools at your disposal, you can check each agent to ensure that they comply with your rules. Do this by tracking conversations and continually monitoring how they react to customers on the other end.

You should score calls both during and after instead of randomly.

What does this bring to the table? More efficient staff, fewer losses to the company, and higher integrity.

Put all of this together and you have an improved call center performance.

iv) Training and coaching

Do you know how much information you can access from call recordings? They are a huge bank of information that can help you get the best from your call center agents.

Use these tools to help your agents overcome their weaknesses by providing them with actionable information.



Speech analytics brings you amazing benefits. We have shown you how to improve your call center with some of the features of these tools. In the last section, we presented you with a list of benefits that you can enjoy from these tools. Want to gain more knowledge about this? Reach out to us.


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