7 Best Ways to Use Call Center Sentiment Analysis

Call center sentiment analysis

In today’s dynamic business landscape, whether your team is engaged in sales or customer support, having a call center sentiment analysis feature integrated into your platform is essential. This sophisticated tool empowers managers and supervisors to monitor active calls more effectively and intervene when … Read more

AI Lead scoring : A complete guide in 2024

AI lead scoring

Discover how AI lead scoring is changing the way contact centers assess and prioritize their leads. Artificial intelligence is transforming the landscape of businesses of every type and size worldwide. If you’re operating a contact center or a business deeply ingrained in customer service, … Read more

7 Stages of Sales Cycle: Roadmap to Success

Sales cycle

7 Stages of sales cycle 1. Prospecting – Identifying potential leads 2. Contact and qualify – Initiating communication with leads and determining if they meet your ICP criteria. 3. Needs Assessment – Understanding the specific needs and challenges of the prospect 4. Present your product … Read more

Top 5 CallMiner Eureka Alternatives In 2024

CallMiner Eureka alternatives

Introducing CallMiner –  a cloud-based speech analytics solution specifically developed for huge contact centres. Its primary function is to analyse customer sentiment and assess their overall experience across numerous communication channels such as emails, phone calls, chats and social media platforms. CallMiner, which is … Read more