10 Empathy Statements for Call Center Agents to Improve Customer Service

10 Empathy Statements for Call Center Agents to Improve Customer Service

Empathy statements play a big role for call center agents to improve customer service.

It might not be easy for one to convey empathy.

Reason: it can be easily misunderstood for pity or might sound robotic.

That’s why, you need to selective with your words when showcasing empathy.

Use the right empathy statements and it conveys to your customers that you understand their concerns and issues completely.

Words of empathy gives you an edge because it demonstrates that you are whole-heartedly involved in solving their problem and answering the doubts that customers are raising.

A. Why call center agents should use empathy statements?

As per Gartner research, 64% people rate customer experience more important than purchase while making a buying decision.

Using the right empathy statements ensure you are laying a good foundation for the customer experience.

The most agrieved customer can be pacified using the right words, and that’s why showcasing empathy becomes important for a customer service representative.

Use personal pronouns (like “I”) and display honesty and authenticity, and experience the magic happening.

B. 10 Empathy Statements for Customer Service

1. “If I’m understanding correctly…”

Purpose: To ensure you understand the customer challenge properly.

To empathize with your customer, you need to understand their problem.

Use empathy statements to restate the prospect concerns so that you both are on the same page.

It will help you recollect all the problems of the prospects.

2. “I appreciate ….”

Purpose: To make customers feel valued.

Show your customers how you value their positive behavior.

If they have given you some valuable feedback, have been patient with you, purchased the product you have recommended, have been empathetic to your position, etc.; you can probably go out of your way to showcase you apprecuate their gesture.

This will help you win their trust. 

3. “I will contact you as soon as we have had an update”

Commit to customers that their issue is being looked after.

It helps to build a long-standing relationship between the company and the prospect.

4. “I have experienced a similar issue recently”

Empathy statements like this helps to build strong customer relations and trust. 

You are showing them that you understand their situation because you have experienced this similar situation before.

At the same time, you are indicating that you can solve the issue because you have witnessed this kind of issue earlier as well.

5. “You are right”

Acknowledgin what the customer is saying is correct shows respect and empathy for their opinions. 

It also displays that you are considering your customer predicament.

6. “Would you like to know anything else?”

At the end of the call, you must talk to clients in a respectful and empathetic way, so that they do not shy away from telling you more concerns and are satisfied with your service.

Asking them upfront is a good way to showcase that you are available for help.

7. “Here’s what I am going to do…”

You might not have an answer to every question put up by the clients. 

To figure out the right answer, you might need days or weeks. 

In this situation, you have to communicate in simple words to clients regarding the steps you will take to reach an answer.

You must end the conversation with, “These are the steps that I’m going to take to reach an answer to your problem.” Then, follow up after a few days with an update of: “Here are the steps I have taken to reach an answer for your question about our update timeline for X feature.”

It shows that you are handling this situation very well. And that the agent priority is to help customers.

8. “I am glad to hear that”

When your clients praise you or your product, you can say “Thanks”, and move the conversation along.

But what you should do is to stop and acknowledge the compliment. You must say, “I’m glad to hear that” or “I’m glad we could solve X need with Y service.” 

It makes the clients feel heard and acknowledged.

9. “If I can make a suggestion”

When you are experienced, you are accustomed to listening to different kinds of objections and feedback every time you are on a call.

You must prepare solutions for sales objections raised by clients and use those solutions for the similar objections raised by other clients.

But do not give solutions straightaway; you need to say first, “That’s a valid point. If I can make a suggestion, there is an article that might be helpful to solve your problem. I will send the article to you after our call.”

It makes clients feel that you have listened to their questions and the reply instantly feels personalized to their concerns.

10. “If I skip anything important, feel free to stop me at any time.”

Prospects might not feel right to stop you in between. However, there’s a chance they are not getting answers to their question or that they can not understand what you intend to say.

So tell them that they are free to interrupt at any point in the conversation. It shows that you want an honest and open conversation with the prospect.

And it will save you both time and discomfort.

Start using these empathetic statements today

Empathy is a great way to show customers that you care.

Not just that, it also helps you improve engagement with the customer.

With the right use of empathy statements for customer service, you build a strong relationship with your customer.

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