Top 10 Sales Podcasts Every Salesperson Should Listen To

Sales Podcasts

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Sales are the most important part of your business’s growth. Without sales, your company will cease to exist.

So your primary goal should be to learn new techniques and improve your sales skills.

One of the best ways to do that is to listen to sales podcasts.

Sales podcasts are a quick way to learn new methods and techniques from the industry experts and stay up-to-date with the current trends.

These podcasts are packed with knowledge and have something to offer for every salesperson out there.

Since there are dozens of podcasts, I have hand-picked the best of the lot that will help you move ahead in your career.

Top 10 Sales Podcasts

1. Sales Gravy

Topics: Negotiation strategies, customer experience, skills training

Host(s): Jeb Blount

If you are interested to learn about sales but don’t have enough time to do so, then you can listen to the Sales Gravy podcast by Jeb Blount.

Some of the episodes can last up to an hour but many of them are just 5-10 minutes long which allows interested people to listen to the podcast even with a busy schedule. 

The host talks about high-performance selling, negotiation strategies, customer experience, how to face the fear of rejection, sales training ideas, etc.

All this information is based on decades of experience in the sales field.

2. Make It Happen Mondays

Topics: B2B sales, sales closing techniques, sales cycle

Host(s): John Barrows

John Barrows, the host of Make It Happen Mondays, is a sales trainer and an experienced sales executive who has led highly successful sales teams across different industries.

As the name suggests, the new episodes of this podcast go live every Monday.

In this, you will get to know about B2B sales, sales closing techniques, cold calling, sales cycle, career advice, etc.

Alongside John, some of the minds of the great sales also feature in these episodes like Keenan, David Bloom, etc.

Following the advice from these episodes, you have the opportunity to become a top-tier salesperson.

3. The Salesman Podcast

Topics: Body language, speaking, psychology in sales

Host(s): Will Barron

With 600 episodes already live, the Salesman podcast is one of the most loved sales podcast.

In his podcast, he focuses more on soft sales skills such as body language, how to speak effectively, tips for good storytelling, psychology in sales, etc. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, the podcast has something to offer to everyone.

The podcast features not only sales leaders like Dave Kurlan but also you can listen to former FBI agents, startup CEOs, university professors, etc.

4. The Ziglar Show

Topics: Personal growth, peer pressure

Host(s): Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller

The Ziglar Show podcast is a tribute to the legendary sales motivator, Zig Ziglar.

Started by Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller, this podcast talks on the lines of self-improvement, personal growth, positive effects of meditation, how to tackle peer pressure, etc.

In other words, this is a motivational sales podcast that inspires and guides salespeople on improving oneself to achieve great heights in sales.

The duration of an episode is between 20 – 60 minutes.

5. B2B Growth Show

Topics: Team building, buyer personas, prospecting

Host(s): James Carbary and Jonathan Green

B2B Growth Show is a podcast that is helping a lot of B2B sales executives to achieve growth.

In this podcast, the host(s) interviews business leaders that talk on topics related to sales leadership like team building, creating buyer personas, marketing strategy, B2B strategic partnerships, effective prospecting, and more.

The average duration of an episode of this podcast is between 15 – 30 minutes.

6. Sales Hacker

Topics: Sales techniques, sales strategies

Host(s): Sam Jacobs

The Sales Hacker podcast focuses on providing practical and actionable insights about B2B sales.

It is a great platform to learn about sales strategies, tips, techniques, etc from the industry’s top thought leaders.

The podcast showcases two episodes per week, i.e, one on Tuesday ( the duration of the episode is between 40 – 50 minutes) and another one on Friday known as the ‘’Friday Fundamentals’ series ( the duration of the episode is between 8 – 10 minutes ).

7. Sell or Die

Topics: Character development, artificial intelligence, networking

Host(s): Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow

Sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer has joined hands with networking expert Jennifer Gluckow for the Sell or Die podcast.

In this podcast, you will come across business leaders and experts in sales, marketing, and personal development that talk on diverse topics such as character development, sales skills training, dealing with rejection, artificial intelligence in sales, networking, and a lot of other sales topics.

If you want to develop the habits, strategies, and mindsets of a successful sales professional, then this is the podcast you must listen to.

8. In The Arena

Topics: Leadership, team dynamics, cold calling

Host(s): Anthony Iannarino

Anthony Iannarino is an entrepreneur, sales coach, sales strategist, and author.

The podcast, In The Arena, features well-known authors, sales professionals, and thought leaders that provide tactical advice and an overview of the sales industry and profession.

The topics discussed in this podcast are related to long-distance leadership, team dynamics, cold calling, sales process optimization, etc.

Also, it emphasizes the emotional and mental state of a salesperson.

It is a great podcast for first-time managers and people who want to expand their knowledge in the leadership arena.

9. Sales Pipeline Radio

Topics: Demand generation, pipeline metrics, lead management

Host(s): Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz, an expert in B2B sales and marketing started this podcast so that he can help people improve their sales pipeline.

In this podcast, Sales Pipeline Radio, the topics discussed are sales effectiveness, key pipeline metrics, demand generation, lead management, lead velocity, and a lot more.

The average duration of an episode of this podcast is between 20 – 30 minutes.

If you follow and implement the learnings from this podcast, you are bound to convert a lot more deals into customers.

10. Accelerate!

Topics: Hiring, automation in sales

Host(s): Andy Paul

Andy Paul, an expert with three decades of experience in sales, talks on how to accelerate your sales performance.

The podcast, Accelerate, features some of the minds of the great sales like Mark Hunter, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Konrath, and Jim Ninivaggi.

Listening to this podcast, you will come to know how to hire salespeople, how to improve the sales process, use automation tools for reps, personal development, etc.

A great podcast for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners, etc.

Closing words

If you have a zeal to grow, then you must listen to these sales podcasts.

These podcasts will give you a new perspective on sales.

Also, all of the sales podcasts mentioned above are actionable, insightful, and eye-opening.

Which one of the sales podcasts do you like the most? Do Comment below.

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