Enthu: The best Observe.AI alternative for Contact Centers

Enthu is a modern and scalable Obeserve.AI alternative. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, Enthu monitors 100% agent conversations to enable faster call quality assurance, without the need to listen to every single minute.

Fully cloud based | No annual contracts | No minimum rep committment

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Why contact centers chose Enthu as Observe.AI alternative?

Similar to Observe.AI, Enthu is an industry agnostic product, fitting into multiple use cases for contact centers of any size. Businesses love Enthu for being more flexible, customizable and accurate. Enthu is much simpler & easy to onboard and requires no minimum agent commitment at your end.

Here’s a chart to explain what makes Enthu a better alternative to Observe.AI

Enthu features

Why commit to a minimum number to start?

Observe.AI requires you to commit to a minimum number of users, with an average cost/agent at $75 a month. 

Start with Enthu (no strings attached) 

Enthu doesn’t require you to commit to agents or to a plan. Signup for free & start exploring. Buy after you witness the value.

Transcription accuracy that still need improvement

Speech to Text (STT) is at the heart of a contact center AI software. Observe.AI’s transcription accuracy leaves much room for improvement. . 

Get best in class STT accuracy

Enthu’s strength lies in its highly accurate STT. This forms the underlying data for analysis. Better data means closer to reality insights.

Why pay more when you won’t use it all?

Observe.AI is built for large enterprises. As a small and medium business, you are not going to use most of the features. Why pay extra for them?

Unparalled RoI for contact centers of all sizes

Enthu is a simpler product that does the same heavy load of call QA & agent coaching at your contact center, at one third the price.

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Enthu’s capabilities

More reasons to choose Enthu over Observe.AI

Less clutter with Enthu

Conversation analytics, minus the clutter

We have designed Enthu for busy professionals like you. That means our analytics and reporting is deep enough to cover all your requirements, yet simple enough to get started within no time, that too with least handholding. Enthu lets you quickly analyze the conversations of your agents without flipping through tonnes of features or data.

Premium features at one third the price

Get the power of conversation intelligence at just one third the price of Observe.ai. We don’t bind you in annual contracts or minimum rep commitments. Get started with even a single agent and scale up as per your business requirement.

Improves sales skills
Reliable customer support

Reliable customer support, just a click away

Complaints going unheard? Enthu promises a reliable customer support that resolves your questions and resolves your issues, across chat, email or live web conference. Just give us a shout out.

Built for multiple roles

Enthu is designed for multiple roles within a contact center, be it sales, customer support, customer success, market research, staffing or something else. Enthu’s architecture is flexible in letting the user define the way they want to use the conversation intelligence for.

Enthu intergrates with CRMs & VoIPs

Enthu : The complete speech-AI solution for contact centers

Enthu takes pride in being a complete conversation intelligence solution for driving better call outcomes at contact centers- it’s pocket friendly, easy to onboard & use, and comes with a support you can trust on.

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