Enthu: The best Tethr alternative for Conversation Intelligence

Searching for the best Tethr alternative for your voice teams? Try Enthu - the best alternative to Tethr. Enthu’s AI driven conversation intelligence assures faster call QA, without the need to listen to every single minute.

Easy to onboard | No annual contracts | No minimum rep committment

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Why voice teams choose Enthu as Tethr alternative?

Both Tethr & Enthu let you deploy conversation intelligence to monitor agent performance and improve call outcomes. However, Enthu is simple to use & onboard and is much more friendly on the pocket. Enthu doesn’t require you to shift your sales pipeline software. Instead, Enthu integrates with your existing software(s) and delivers analytics on your call data.

Here’s a chart to explain the differences between Tethr and Enthu.

Enthu features

Why commit to a minimum number to start?

Tethr requires you to commit to a minimum number of users to get started.

Start with Enthu (no strings attached) 

Enthu doesn’t require you to commit to agents or to a plan. Signup for free & start exploring. Buy after you witness the value.

Why pay more when you won’t use it all?

Have an existing deals management software that you love? With Tethr, you will end up paying for the feature set you are never going to use. 

Get unparalleled features meant for SMBs.

Enthu is a perfect Tethr alternative for SMBs who need something sophisticated yet simple enough for day to day use. Enthu is conversation analytics simplified. 

Why replace your existing Sales Software?

Replacing your existing sales software demands investment in time, re-coaching and a good learning curve. All this just for conversation intelligence?

Enthu plugins the conversation analytics part.

Enthu is not a replacement to your existing call management or sales management software. Enthu works on top of these and offers conversation intelligence for your calling teams.

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Try Enthu - An easy & effortless alternative to Tethr

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Enthu’s capabilities

More reasons to choose Enthu over Tethr

Less clutter with Enthu

Conversation analytics, minus the clutter

We have designed Enthu for busy professionals like you. We also know the analysis paralysis that happens when you are overloaded with data. Enthu’s analytics and reporting is deep enough to cover all your requirements, yet simple enough to get you started within minutes.

Leverage the power of conversation intelligence without flipping through tonnes of filters & data.

Premium features at fraction of the the price

Get the power of conversation intelligence starting at just USD 25 per agent per month. No annual contracts, no minimum rep commitment.

Get started with even a single agent and scale up as your need evolve.

Improves sales skills
Reliable customer support

Coach like a Pro

Enthu flags the calls that need your attention so that you can drive better outcomes. No need for random sampling.

You can now focus more on coaching than on listening to the calls. 

Built for multiple roles

Enthu is designed not just for sales but also for customer support, customer success, marketing and general contact center voice roles. Enthu’s architecture is flexible in letting the user define the way they want to use the conversation intelligence for.

Enthu intergrates with CRMs & VoIPs

Enthu : Conversation analytics for performance driven calling teams

Enthu takes pride in being a complete conversation analytics platform for driving sales & after sales performance – it’s pocket friendly, easy to onboard & use, and comes with a support you can trust on. Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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