How HomePride Bath improved appointment set by 5% using Enthu.AI?

HomePride Bath is a leading bathroom remodeling contractor for the Denver metro area and the entire front-range of Colorado.

John Toohill, Marketing Manager
Improvement in agent performance
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The Challenge

HomePride Bath needed to streamline its appointment setting process while effectively answering new client inquiries. 

They wanted to ensure frontline agents are aligned, efficient and able to set more home appointments with customers.

They also wanted to gain insights into customer interactions, and more importantly, determine the set of customers that have a higher probability of conversion.

The Outcome

Using Enthu.AI, HomePride Bath discovered behaviors and conversation trends that were helping top agents convert 40% better than the mediocre ones. 

Equipped with these insights, HomePride Bath recalibrated their approach to agent coaching, resulting in 5% more home visits within 3 months, without any change in their frontline team.

Additionally, the time spent in coaching an agent drastically reduced from 3 hours a week to just under 20 mins, resulting in 80% release in manager capacity. 

This capacity is now utilized in running new experiments and scaling up the frontline team, without the need to hire more managers.


#All about the call review process in HomePride Bath

It has been the same old familiar story – an operations & people heavy business forced to rethink its approach as the economy got tougher.

And HomePride Bath, a Colorado based bathroom remodeler took this situation like a Pro.

While they were generating more customer enquiries than ever before, John TooHill – the Call Center Manager at HomePride Bath – could sense scope for improvement in the set rates.

John faced several critical questions-

  • How do I coach agents with limited-to-no visibility into their conversations?
  • How do I build visibility without spending hours of effort every week?
  • How do I run coaching as a pro active program than a knee jerk reaction?

John knew they had to evolve, and they had to do it fast.

Initial challenges

Previously, John had to walk onto the floor and overhear the phone conversations.

“Pulling recordings out from the dialer and selecting the right calls was such a painful task.

So much that I would always avoid doing that.” – observed John.
“Instead, I always preferred to live barge into the calls and give feedback to my agents. But it had its own set of challenges” – John quipped.

Though effective, live barging meant coaching was completely ad hoc, random and undocumented – thereby having no real proof of agent improvement areas; except the hope that the agent was moving in the right direction.

“My biggest challenge was that this entire process was a black box. I have so much on my plate that I couldn’t remember what I coached the agent on last week.

Worse – I couldn’t base my future coaching decisions on the past data, severely impacting our conversion outcomes.

Agents had no way to look back into their coaching notes. We were totally dependent on luck here.”

Enthu.AI provided John with the visibility, insights and the structure that was missing.

“Enthu.AI was what we needed to transition to the next level in our growth journey. Enthu.AI is an enabler for us to wade through this changing economic environment.” – John remarks.

Enthu.AI Implementation

  • Enhanced Call Visibility and Insights
  • Impact on Performance Metrics

John and his team are in love with Enthu.AI.

From John’s perspective, he need not be time dependent now when it comes to coaching.
“I can find all the customer conversations within Enthu.AI.

In just 3 clicks, I can reach to the calls that are worthy of my time and attention.

Doing this at scale ensures every agent is implementing the recommended coaching” – John shares his perspective.

“The ability to track specific conversation aspects and share insights directly with the agents is the real value bomb” – marks John.

“I also love the playlist feature where I tag the best calls of my team. These playlists are used quite often to refresh our training and coaching system.

Adoption Journey

Enthu.AI has equipped John and his team to build a structured approach to their coaching program.

The management at HomePride Bath is a big proponents of the Sandler Selling System. 

What is Sandler Framework?

As per sandler.com, “Sandler Selling System is a seven-step system for successful selling. 

It’s a low-pressure, consultative selling approach that puts you, the salesperson, in control of the discovery process.”

Using Enthu.AI, HomePride Bath could make sure that every agent is following the Sandler system to bump up their performance.

Specifically, HomePride Bath can now measure how their agents are performing on the following seven parameters of the Sandler framework :Establishing bonding and rapport.

  • Setting up the ground rules on the call
  • Identify the prospect’s pain
  • Uncover the budget
  • Identify the who, when, where, what and why of the decision
  • Present the solution
  • Confirm the next steps & prevent loss of sales

Without Enthu.AI, there was no way to match agent performance against each of seven stages of Sandler process. The degree of configurability within Enthu.AI is just unimaginable” shared John.

Culture and coaching: The backbone of HomePride Bath

“We take agent coaching very seriously. Friendly competition, peer learning and coaching has been the backbone of our culture – and adopting Enthu.AI has taken it to the next level.” – states Matt Colligan, the CEO at HomePride Bath.

John echoes the same sentiment – “Enthu.AI has become indispensable to our daily sales process. It’s the right way of using data to drive agent performance”

“The team at Enthu.AI is responsive and super helpful. Instead of a vendor relationship, we consider them as part of our growth team. 

There have even been times when I wanted to discuss other aspects of AI – not even related to Enthu- and I could have a hearty conversation with the founders and their product managers.”

“It’s hard for me to imagine doing my work without Enthu.AI

It has helped us not just scale our coaching program but continuously reinforce the learnings as well. With the recent generative AI capabilities released by the team, I am super optimistic on the results we can deliver,” John summarizes the conversation

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HomePride Bath is a bathroom remodeling company with over 25 years of experience. They offer a range of services including tub-to-shower conversions, walk-in baths, & bathroom renovations tailored to individual needs.

HomePride Bath aimed to optimize appointment setting, align agents, gain customer insights, and identify high-probability conversion clients efficiently.

Using Enthu.AI, HomePride Bath enhanced agent performance, increased home visits by 5%, and reduced coaching time, freeing manager capacity.


Englewood, Colorado, U


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