Canada based Jump Contact Center reduces AHT by 40% and improves SLA adherance to 100% with Enthu.AI

Jump Contact Center is an outsourced call center specializing in live answering and appointment booking services for businesses in the USA.

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reduction in aht
1 %
adherance to slas
1 %
Hours saved in reporting
1 +


Jump Contact Center has a strong focus towards maintaining call
and customer delight. However, the manual process of
call quality audits meant huge manual effort, yet just a handful of
calls getting monitored.

At the same time, data management was becoming an overhead
with quality teams juggling across call recordings, excel sheets and
software. The company wanted a single source of truth against
which to fairly benchmark its agents for performance improvement.

In short, the company was in need of a software backbone to build a
predictable and proactive agent performance management


#1. 100% visibility into agent conversations

Earlier, Jump Contact Center used to rely on random sampling of
calls to quality monitor the conversation. That was not just tedious
but also inefficient as it resulted in less than 1% of calls getting

Speech AI from Enthu helped Jump Contact Center attain 100%
into their customer interactions and track key conversation
parameters proactively, without the need to listen to every single call.
Tracking these important conversation KPIs directly relate to agent
across customer experience, compliance, process
adherence, call metrics; and more.

In just under 60 days, the company scaled up to analyze the key KPIs
of all the agents at least once each working day, thus driving
measurable improvements in performance.

#2. Targeted personalized coaching

With detailed visibility into each conversation, Jump now knows
the exact performance level & opportunity areas for all its agents.

The Company now executes targeted & personalized coaching for
each agent, helping them improve on the areas where the
opportunities appear.

This has resulted in 40% improvement in average handle time
and 100% adherence to the set SLAs.

#3. Increased client transparency

Right from its inception, Jump Contact Center has a laser focussed
approach towards maintaining data transparency with its clients.

Enthu.AI helped the company scale up its vision via the Client Module
available within the software.

Jump’s clients now have a separate & dedicated access to their
Enthu.AI account, getting visibility into the conversations that
happen for their account; along with the key metrics and reports.

In a world where trust is in deficit, Jump Contact Center is leveraging
Enthu.AI to differentiate itself by building transparency through data

Jump 247 contact center case study

About Jump Contact Center
Jump Contact center specializes in 24/7 call answering, virtual reception and chat services for businesses in North America.

Jump Contact Center was monitoring just a handful of agent conversations and was looking at adopting a tech solution to monitor, evaluate and coach agents at scale.

Jump Contact leveraged Enthu.AI to get 100% visibility into the contact center and track important metrics on a daily basis, at just a click of a button.


Alberta, Canada


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