CallHippo leverages Enthu.AI conversation intelligence to reduce SaaS churn by 20% and grow new revenue by 13%

CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service Provider. Trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide, CallHippo enables businesses to transition from desk phones to softphones in less than 3 minutes, eliminating the complexity of setting up voice based operations at scale.

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Reduction in churn
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CallHippo was setting up a revenue operations process with an aim to proactively identify top line opportunities and channel back the learnings to multiple functions.

As a part of its goals, the team at CallHippo was looking for a conversation intelligence solution to gain better visibility into their daily customer conversations across sales, customer support & success functions.

While CallHippo had an existing call monitoring process, it was completely reactive, required intense manual effort and demanded juggling across call recordings, Excel sheets and emails.

As a case in point, a quality analyst had to listen to random call recordings to draw meaningful insights from customer conversations. Still, she could process less than 0.5% of the data set each month, with almost negligible funneling of intelligence across teams to drive better revenue outcomes.

CallHippo was looking for a solution that could monitor not just 100% of the conversations but also enable quality monitoring at scale so that insights could be readily used by the revenue operations across teams, including training and coaching of voice agents.


Thanks to Enthu.AI’s one click integration with CallHippo and personalized onboarding, CallHippo could go live in just under a day and get the results in the first quarter itself.

The major impact generated is as follows:

– 20% reduction in revenue churn.

– 13% improvement in new revenue conversion.

– 21% improvement in agent CSAT score


#1. Proactive detection of customer concerns, thereby reducing churn Enthu.AI worked closely with the CallHippo revenue operations team to create finely crafted call moments that were impacting revenue.

Calls with negative impact on revenue are auto detected and picked up on priority by the QA team to understand the customer concern and agents are evaluated for their handling skills. Any gaps are immediately highlighted to the success team for proactive action.

This process alone has reduced the churn for CallHippo by 20% as no customer issue gets unnoticed and unaddressed.

#2. 100% agent monitoring to improve sales performance

With more than 1500 vendors in the market, VoIP is a highly competitive and time sensitive business. Prospects looking for VoIP solutions are generally mature in their needs identification & sales journey, and as a result, the agents need to reciprocate with pin pointed responses to address prospect concerns.

For example, CallHippo wanted to assure its voice agents respond to the prospect queries and objections effectively, especially when it comes to product pitch, value establishment and competitor comparison, including commercials. Consistently, these 3 parts were the most critical moments of any sales conversation.

CallHippo leveraged Enthu.AI to monitor 100% of its conversations and identify agent gaps, including pitch, objections handling and commercial discussions. The personalized insights generated by Enthu.AI were then used to coach agents and improve their sales performance, resulting in 13% increase in new revenue within a 6 months time frame.

#3. Funneling insights across the organization

Multiple teams across the organization now leverage Enthu.AI for their strategic decision making.

For example, the marketing team uses conversation insights to figure out the most common customer objections. This is then used to create content that addresses those objections.

The product team processes churn related conversations to identify product related customer pain points and to fine tune their roadmap.

The operations team synthesizes the agent performance metrics within Enthu.AI to take training/incentivising decisions.

About CallHippo
CallHippo is a leading VoIP provider with 5,000 customers worldwide, helping contact centers go live in less than 3 inutes.

CallHIppo was monitoring a small percentage of random calls for business insights. With an aim to unearth revenue opportunities, CallHippo required a scalable solutions to identify gaps and improve agent performance.

CallHippo leveraged Enthu.AI to get visibility across 100% of their conversations and surface out churn and revenue opportunities, which were then immediately acted upon by the supervisors & managers.




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CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service Provider. Trusted by over 5000 companies worldwide

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