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Agent onboarding is a never-ending cycle for your home improvement business’ customer service department. 

Because the average lifespan of an agent is one year, you must retain new hires again and again. 

Generally, old-school methods take 2-3 months in contact center agent onboarding. 

So, how can you ensure that new agents quickly become effective and start contributing from their very first day?

Today, more and more businesses like yours are investing in modern technologies to build structured onboarding experiences and reduce ramp-up time. 

In return, they’re reaping benefits like increased productivity, improved client satisfaction, and better employee retention.

A. Drawbacks of manual agent onboarding

47% of companies struggle with onboarding employees due to infrastructure access challenges.

Paper processes, redundant tasks, department soiling, and conventional methods are some factors that hinder the onboarding process. 

Here are some reasons why you should avoid manual agent onboarding:

1. Training inconsistencies

When onboarding agents manually, there’s a chance that the training they receive won’t be consistent. This means some agents might have gaps in their knowledge while others are better prepared, causing disparities within the team.

2. Limited scalability

If you rely on traditional methods, scaling up your onboarding process to handle more new hires can be difficult and time-consuming. This slows down your business’s overall productivity.

3. Human error risk

Depending on manual data entry and documentation increases the likelihood of mistakes. These errors can be costly and make your onboarding process less effective.

4. Slow time-to-competency

Manual onboarding takes longer, meaning it takes new agents more time to become fully competent in their roles and make a meaningful impact on the company’s success.

5. Process adherence challenges

Without automated reminders and notifications, sticking to onboarding timelines and milestones can be tough. This often leads to delays and inefficiencies in the process.

6. Tracking progress

Without automated systems, keeping track of reports and monitoring progress during onboarding can be tricky.

How Enthu.AI Ramps Up Your Sales Agent Onboarding

sales coaching software- Enthu.AI

Today, there are numerous agent onboarding software that help organizations create an active onboarding experience. 

One such cutting-edge software is Enthu.AI, which offers a solution to these above challenges through its automated onboarding platform tailored for the home improvement industry. 

Here’s how it can help:

1. Automated coaching sessions

Enthu.AI helps your calling reps offer personalized coaching sessions for new agents, guiding them through important tasks and offering instant feedback to help them learn faster.

2. Personalized learning paths

It automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes each agent-customer conversation. Based on those insights, you can assess your agent’s strengths and weaknesses based on those insights to create customized learning paths. 

3. Performance monitoring

With its AI-powered algorithms, Enthu.AI helps reps track key metrics like customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and first-call resolutions and pinpoint areas for improvement to help them reach their full potential sooner.

4. Playback library for effective training

Whether it’s the greeting, issue resolutions, or personalized offerings, Enthu.AI’s playback library lets new agents revisit previous training sessions. It allows them to learn from mistakes and continuously improve their skills.

5. Extensive reporting

Enthu.AI provides detailed reports on the progress of each new agent, giving managers and supervisors insights into their performance and highlighting any areas where additional support may be needed.

6. Process Adherence

Enthu.AI ensures that new agents stick to the onboarding process through automated logs and dispute resolution systems, minimizing delays and ensuring a seamless transition for them.

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