How to use Your Zoom integration with Enthu?

How to use Your Zoom integration with Enthu?

Below is a summary of what all you can do once you integrate Zoom with your Enthu.AI account.

1. Log your call activity within Enthu

All calls made through Zoom for the selected agents will be reflected within Enthu.AI.

This will happen only for the agents of an admin account that opts for Enthu’s paid plan (agents and admin identified through their respective email IDs).


If the agent email IDs are not matched, the calls will be captured by Enthu but won’t reflect in the dashboard.

2. Auto transcribe calls

For all the agents that are attached to a paid plan within Enthu.AI, trascription of voice calls happens automatically.

The admin of the Enthu.AI account can set up a restriction on transcriptions based on call duration. e,g. any call below 90 seconds can be ignored for transcription. This happens wiithin your Enthu account and Zoom has no role to play here.

3. Run call analysis

Once the calls are transcribed, detailed conversation analysis is available within Enthu.AI, allowing quality teams run faster and better call QA.


Steps to Integrate Zoom with Enthu.AI

1: Login to your Zoom account, go to the marketplace and look for Enthu in the listing. Click to install.

Enthu Zoom marketplace


2: Authorize Enthu.AI to access recording & user data

Authorization screen

3.  Internal Authorization of Enthu.AI taking place (User creation & access token generation)

Access token

4. Authentication is successful and users logs into Enthu.AI

Logged in to enthu

Please note: Conversation analysis will happen only for those Zoom users who are on a paid plan of Enthu.AI.

If you are a Zoom user and are interested to test out Enthu, please request a demo and we will get back to you with more details, including how to test out Enthu free for 14 days.

You can fill the demo request here.

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