How to Manage Remote Call Center Agents?

Manage remote call center agent

With the advancement in technology, the call center agents are not limited to office space. Call center agents have the luxury of working from anywhere because of high-speed internet availability, cloud networks that powers VoIP and contact center solutions, etc., giving them access to … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Call Center Efficiency

Call center efficiency

Things do not happen by chance. Call center efficiency is a compound result of focus, strategic delegation, and above all, innate love for work. In a call center setup, an agent’s proficiency requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and other factors. For … Read more

19 Call center Best Practices to Improve CX

call center best practices

A business will flourish only when your customers are satisfied with the product and services that you have to offer. Else your competition is always there to grab your dissatisfied customers. And your call center plays an important role here. If you want to … Read more