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Market research firms are in a critical business of collecting customer data. Based on this data, businesses take important decisions wrt new product launches, sales, marketing and product development. 

As the market research company of 2021, you can’t rely on older methods of ensuring data quality. Especially when the the research is qualitative, you need to run a rigorous call QA to understand if the data collected is correct or not. Not just that, most of the qualitative research clients ask for call transcripts, something that takes lots of time but is a low value work.

Partner with Enthu to do what you are best at (i.e. data collection and analysis) and let Enthu automate the call QA and transcription process for you.

How Enthu improves call outcomes for market research companies?

Enhance compliance

Ensure the interviewers are disclosing complete information & adhering to multiple compliance aspects required by teh industry.

Automate QA

Ensure 100% call QA coverage to surface out researcher coaching and training opportunities, without the need to add any additional manpower.

10X faster training

Accelerate your researcher training process by reviewing a 30 mins call in a few seconds. Focus more on coaching than listening to the calls.

Increase revenue

Enthu helps you identify the winning behaviors of your top researchers so that you can replicate them across the team to boost the revenue performance.

Automated transcripts

Download client ready transcripts that you can directly email. No need to spend hours in transcription of every call, Enthu does it automatically for you.

Identify objections

Surface out the most common sales objections that your agents face day in and out. Use it as a coaching input to train the agents better.

Reduce attrition

Market research jobs are taxing. Make them more meaningful by building an environment of feedback, coaching and mutual learning.

Optimize manpower

QA more calls without disturbing your QA to analyst ratio. Your existing quality people can listen to 5X more calls and deliver better results, without spending any extra time.

Improve margins

Enthu directly impacts your agent performance as well as the quality of monitoring & output. With the same workforce, you end up achieveing more, thus impacting the margins.

Enthu Dashboard: Call center quality assurance

How Enthu enables contact centers across industries

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Enthu before buying a plan?

Absolutely. When you sign up for Enthu, you get a free 14 days trial to our fully functional plan.

Please go ahead and try it. Once you are satisfied and convinced, you can always upgrade to a paid plan.

Which plan should I select for my research firm?

All our plans are custom and per agent basis, based on your consumption level and data analysis needs.

Kindly book a slot here to discuss your speech analytics needs in details.

Can I customize Enthu for my calling use case?

Absolutely. Enthu is 100% customizable for your market research use case, be it qualitiative, quantitative or a mix of both.

You can replicate the interview theme/research questions within Enthu, without the need to involve any developer. It’s as easy and simple as using any popular web based software.

I have a big team. Can I get custom pricing from Enthu?

Enthu can support research firms of all sizes. We do offer volume discounts on number of agent seats you opt for.

Please get in touch with us and we will be glad to offer you a custom plan.  

Do you support multiple industries?

Yes, Enthu is a horizontal product that replicates the calling theme you decide, no matter what . So whether you are doing MR for a bank, an insurance company  or a telecom provider, you can use Enthu for all.

Which all languages does Enthu support right now?

Currently, Enthu works exceptionally well for voice calls in English, covering all major accents including American, British, European, Indian, South African, South East Asian etc. 

How safe is my customer data?

Enthu takes security very seriously. All our data is stored on AWS and protected using enterprise level security procedures. All the personal & call data is encrypted, both at rest and while in transit. You can read more here about our security features.

I still have a question. What should I do?

No worries. You can chat with our customer success agent, or you can shoot your queries via email to hello@localhost

Enthu : The best conversation intelligence software
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Enthu takes pride in being a complete conversation intelligence solution for driving superior calling performance – it’s pocket friendly, easy to integrate & use, and comes with a support you can trust on. 

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