Enthu: The best Fireflies.AI alternative

Enthu.AI is a modern and scalable Fireflies alternative. Unlike Fireflies, Enthu.AI is more than a meeting recorder/assistant and helps voice teams monitor quality at scale, without the need to add more people to listen to conversations.

Fully cloud based | No annual contracts | No minimum rep committment

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Why voice teams chose Enthu.AI as a Fireflies.AI alternative?

Fireflies is a great tool to record meetings and transcribe them. However, it fails to derive any meaningful insights from conversations thus leaving you with all the heavy loading to do . That's where Enthu.AI surfaces out agent improvement opportunities automatically, without you raising even a finger.

Here’s a chart to explain what makes Enthu.AI a better alternative to Fireflies.AI

Fireflies vs enthu.ai
Enthu features

Solves for a very general use case

Fireflies works great as a meeting recorder and assistant but doesn't provide indepth conversation analytics to drive quality improvements.

Solves for a focussed use case 

Enthu.AI is laser focussed towards agent monitoring, evaluation and coaching so that you can improve your topline. 

Doesn't drive revenue outcomes 

Fireflies records and transcribes conversations to save time but is not focussed on generating conversation insights that can drive measurabe revenue outcomes.

Drives revenue across sales, support & success

Enthu.AI is focussed on improving customer conversations so that revenue related opportunities can be unlocked.

Not suited for teams with multiple stakeholders

Fireflies.AI is built for an individual's needs. Collaboration across multiple stakeholders is not the core aspect of the tool.

Built for voice teams

Enthu.AI caters to the needs of multiple stakeholders across the spectrum of voice quality monitoring process (e.g. agents, QAs, QMs, supervisors, coaches, clients etc.) 

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Enthu.AI’s capabilities

More reasons to choose Enthu over Fireflies

Less clutter with Enthu

Conversation analytics, minus the clutter

We have designed Enthu.AI for busy professionals like you. That means our analytics and reporting is deep enough to cover all your requirements, yet simple enough to get started within no time, that too with least handholding. Enthu.AI lets you quickly analyze the conversations of your agents without flipping through tonnes of features or data.

Premium features without breaking your bank

Enthu.AI is priced just marginally higher than Fireflies but generates better RoI through 10X faster agent coaching . Get started with even a single agent and scale up as per your business requirement.

Improves sales skills
Reliable customer support

Reliable customer support, just a click away

Complaints going unheard? Enthu.AI is known for it’s reliable customer support that resolves your questions and issues across chat, email or live web conference. Just give us a shout out.

By the way, don’t forget to read about our 5 star customer reviews on G2

Built for multiple roles

Unlike Fireflies, Enthu.AI is designed for multiple roles within a contact center/voice team, be it sales, customer support, customer success, market research, staffing or something else. Enthu.AI’s architecture is flexible enough to let the user define the way they want to use the conversation intelligence for.

Enthu intergrates with CRMs & VoIPs

EnthuAI : The complete speech-AI solution for contact centers & voice teams

Enthu.Ai takes pride in being a complete conversation intelligence solution for driving better call outcomes at voice team centers- it’s pocket friendly, easy to onboard & use, and comes with a support you can trust on.

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