How Jump Contact Center leveraged Enthu.AI to ramp up its live answering services?

Jump Contact Center specializes in 24/7 call answering, virtual reception and call center services for businesses in North America.

The company wanted to scale up its live answering services and needed a technology backbone to ensure live agents are delivering a seamless customer experience without any compromise to quality.

That’s when they partnered with Enthu.AI. In just under 60 days, Jump Contact Center scaled up to analyze the key KPIs of all agents at least once each working day, thus driving measurable improvements in agent performace (as highlighted below).

Jump Contact Center


Jump Contact Center specializes in 24/7 call answering, virtual
reception and chat services for businesses in North America.

Challenges faced

Jump Contact Center has a strong focus towards maintaining call quality and end customer delight. However, the manual process of call quality audits meant huge manual effort, yet just a handful of calls getting monitored.

At the same time, data management was becoming an overhead with quality teams juggling across call recordings, excel sheets and software. The company wanted a single source of truth against which to fairly benchmark its agents for performance improvement.

In short, the company was in need of a software backbone to build a predictable and proactive agent performance management process.

The solution

Enthu was integrated with Jump’s telephony provider, resulting in seamless capture of call data. Enthu.AI enabled:

– 100% visibility intoagent conversations.

– Targeted and personalized agent coaching insights for all agents.

– Increased transparency for Jump’s clients.


Using Enthu.AI, Jump Contact Center scaled up its agent monitoring and coaching process with just one single call QA person. Specific results achieved are as follows:-

– 40% improvement in average call handle time.

– 100% calls meet the SLA of less than 30 secs of wait time.

– 10+ hours saved every month in compiling reports.

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