Call Center Agent Training: 10 Effective Training Tips To Improve Performance

Call center agent training

If your call center wants to exceed customer service expectations, continously agent training and coaching is a recommended best practice. It’s importance can’t be ignored because training and coaching has a direct impact not just on the agent performance but also on your customer … Read more

Sales training

Rockstar sales teams deserve a rockstar sales training software Help your sales reps learn and grow faster through continuous and actionable feedback, enabled by Enthu’s speech AI and analytics. REQUEST A DEMO How Enthu enables sales reps train & grow faster? Surface out coachable … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Call Center Efficiency

call center efficiency

Things do not happen by chance. Call center efficiency is a compound result of focus, strategic delegation and above all, innate love for work.  In a call center setup, an agent’s proficiency requires deep understanding of the subject matter and other factors.  For example, … Read more

10 Call Center Quality Monitoring Software to Automate Call Quality Assurance

Intro Every business’ success depends largely on customer interactions. How a contact center responds to the queries and grievances of customers is crucial. That’s why it’s essential to monitor every call quality. Call center quality monitoring software can help streamline the process.     Let’s talk … Read more

Conversation Intelligence for EdTech

Conversation intelligence for EdTech businesses of all sizes REQUEST A DEMO Free 14 day trial No Credit Card required Quick setup Add the power of conversation intelligence to your edtech sales & service operations EdTech as an industry touched new highs in the COVID … Read more